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Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large. I contain multitudes. --Walt Whitman

I'm not gonna do an "About Me" because my blog pretty much speaks for me, but if you search my "about me" tag you'll get a few tidbits. ;)  What else?  Well, you can call me Turquoise if you feel the need to call me something. :)

This is not a fashion blog. This is not a Scandal blog. This is not a black beauty or an ethnic beauty blog. This is not a travel blog. This is not a Kerry Washington or Beyonce stan blog. This is a whatever-I-feel-like-posting-vision board.

I don't do this for likes or reblogs, but if you can see the beauty in all things and love to laugh like me, you'll enjoy what I post.

but today I changed my blog’s name from turquoisebrew to mybeautifulmultitudes.  It seemed more fitting. 

I will also be changing themes when I have more time.

Thank you for following me!  Five hundred and counting :)


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  1. sergiosredcards said: Ahhh, I LOVE “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman so SO much. It’s one of those poems that you read and you’re forever changed by it. Love the name change, and love your tumblr! :)
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